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Should I Open Carry

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Open Carry is a concept that is allowed without a permit in a lot of States including Michigan. It is defined as "the practice of openly carrying a firearm on one's person in public." Though within your legal right, open carrying comes with some less than desirable consequences.

  1. Everyone can see that you have a gun and are armed

  2. If part of that gun is concealed or you get into a vehicle, you are likely (depending on the State) breaking the law as a non-permit holder by having the gun concealed.

  3. You are now the first target. Because everyone can see you are carrying, a criminal or attacker is going to make your their first target as you are clearly armed.

  4. You make people feel uncomfortable. People don't like to see guns when they are grocery shopping or walking around their neighborhood. Some people might even call the police if they see you open carrying.

  5. You lose the element of surprise that concealed carry permit holders have. Should somebody be planning a violent crime, they know that you are armed.

Here are some examples highlighted by Colin Noir about police being called on citizens who were legally open carrying a firearm


At The Ammo Academy, we believe that legal concealed carry is the best approach. Nobody needs to know that you have a firearm when it is concealed. You aren't making your neighbors, other grocery shoppers, walkers, or whomever you see in public uncomfortable by having a visible gun. People aren't going to be calling the authorities on you when you take a walk because they can see that you have a gun the way they would for somebody with open carry. You will be able to get in and out of vehicle without having to unload your gun, storing the ammo and magazines separately from the firearm. Lastly, you won't be the easy target should something bad happen. You will wither have time to get away from a bad situation or have the element of surprise in your favor.

For an interactive map that breaks down the Open Carry Laws in all 50 States, you cause this link:

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