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Why Choose The Ammo Academy for Your Michigan CPL Certification and Training Needs

Are you a CPL holder in Southeast Michigan looking to improve your skills and knowledge? Look no further than The Ammo Academy, your go-to source for top-notch firearms training and consultation.

At The Ammo Academy, we understand that obtaining a CPL is just the first step in being a responsible gun owner. That's why we offer a variety of courses to help you become a more proficient and safe shooter. Our CPL certification course is offered online, making it convenient for busy parents and working adults. We break the course into three, two-hour sessions in the evenings, and it can be completed on Zoom. However, it's important to note that per state law, students must meet with us in person for live shooting upon completion of the online portion of the course.

But we don't stop at just CPL certification. We also offer private lessons, concealed carry training, basic firearms training, personal defense training, private group CPL courses, and CPL renewal courses. Our experienced instructors will work with you to improve your marksmanship and overall proficiency with a firearm. We also offer consultation services to help you find the right gun, holster, and other accessories that fit your individual needs, such as size, clothing, and lifestyle.

At The Ammo Academy, we are dedicated to helping our students become responsible and proficient gun owners. We're based in Oakland County and will meet with students at local ranges within reason. With our flexible scheduling and personalized instruction, we make it easy for CPL holders in Southeast Michigan to improve their skills and knowledge.

Don't wait any longer to take the next step in your journey as a responsible gun owner. Contact The Ammo Academy today to learn more about our training and consultation services.

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